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  • After two successful albums on legendary Voodoo Rhythm, Delaney Davidson is back with his 5th solo album, 10 new amazing gems of gothic folk-noir, with a lo-fi rock sensibility.   “Swim Down Low” the title fell out of the mouth … Continue reading

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Upcoming gigs

  • 30Apr

    Live in Derry, Ireland

    Bennigans, Londonderry Ireland
    The Return of the Old Namesake..  Delaney returns to Ireland...check it out.... according to face book 119 like this place and 800 have been here.. How could they be wrong.. last time I was here I walked around.. what an atmosphere..
  • 01May

    Live in Buncrana, Ireland

    Roddens Bar, Buncrana Ireland
    Outside it was drizzling rain. Rumours of arson had crept round the papers the day before, a dog burnt, someones car sabotaged. Buncrana in the north of Donegal. We set up and played, and the Craic settled on us like a blanket round a fire. Shielding our backs warm but leaving us open to the blaze. The night was in full swing, there was money all over the floor, Hell bank notes and Euro small change hurled from a cow bell as it was beaten senseless in the frenzied dancing. A knock at the door and the police looked in to serve a summons for serving after hours. £1,200 fine.  To Feck shouted the bleary eyed barman, they know we're here now, keep playing!! Faster!! Round the house lads, mind the dresser!! I turned the amplifier up. >> Roddens Bar
  • 02May

    Live in Derry, Ireland

    Sandino's Cafe Bar, Derry Ireland
    Delaney Davidson live at Sandinos.. Home to the Bohemian.. The ghost orchestra is part of the City of Derry Jazz Festival.. Show begins early.. (doors at 5, Music starts shortly after that) so come to enjoy the times.. Sandino, in 1921, fled his village after shooting (but not killing) Dagoberto Rivas the son of an important Conservative in the village. Rivas had made disparaging comments about Sandino's mother. He ran to the west coast of Nicaragua and then on to Mexico where he worked for Standard Oil for the next four years. It was at this point that Sandino began to get involved with radical groups who influenced the way he thought and the path his life would take. He was fiercely opposed to the United States occupation of Nicaragua and involvement with the internal affairs of the country and was a passionate supporter of nationalism and anti-imperialism. Get the picture??? Sandino's Cafe and Bar