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  • 23Nov

    Sunday 23rd November: Raumati Social Club ... Solo.

    Raumati Social Club, Raumati New Zealand


    “There’s an old English saying… “Pick up thine axe and fuckin’ get on with it”, and that’s exactly what DD, the man without fear, does tonight.


    The choice of venue was ideal to suit both Delaney’s persona and style of blues many have enjoyed for some years. There was a fair crowd awaiting a rare treat from Delaney, and dissapointment does not appear. In younger days your scribe would examine every element to the album art of father’s blues albums, like an anthropologist discovering written text from unknown cultures. Delaney’s work is something new to these ears, but more than anything else, it gives insight to the aforementioned father at a younger age; The songs he sings are dream tickets used to transport, or bear witness to, a dirty alleyway street fight in Stratford, east London back in the 1970s. Relics of melody and debauchery.


    ‘go get the devil’

    Requesting Delaney for a drinking song results in him suggesting all songs could be drinking songs, “it’s just how you look at it”. Tracks such as ‘In the Pines’ and ‘Broken Wheel’ come easy, but the feeling and pain is passed to each of us without apology. His technique of looping rhythmic sections of his guitar playing, along with distorted vocal sounds, gives an enriched deep ‘go get the devil’ attitude to many tracks.”

    review Shindig, solo gig London 2014.

  • 26Nov

    images-7Napier is a popular tourist city, with a unique concentration of 1930s Art Deco architecture, built after much of the city was razed in the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake. It also has one of the most photographed tourist attractions in the country, a statue on Marine Parade called Pania of the Reef. Thousands of people flock to Napier every February for the Art Deco Weekend event, a celebration of its Art Deco heritage and history.

    The ChristChurch Earthquake put a big impact into Delaney’s record ‘Bad Luck Man’.  Riding the wave of his nomination for the Apra’s Silver Scroll AWARDs 2011 in NZ/AUS as best Song in 2011(and currently in finals as one of the best 5 Songs of 2011!!!!) In typical form he is spreading the word travelling around the Globe with his ONE MAN GHOST ORCHESTRA. Having toured the USA together With HOLLY GOLIGHTLY and playing Europe in most Countries from Ireland to Russia and Scandinavia to Romania as well, this album is recorded in England, Italy, USA and New Zealand with musicians like Bruce Brand, Marlon Williams, Reverend Beat-Man, the Mojomatics and many many more .. if you are talking about a HARD WORKING MAN.. then you have a fine example here.. he’s one of the hardest working men in show business today, constantly touring and writing new songs, always looking for different directions in styles and themes. His recordings have been compared to poetry books, photo albums. There is so much you can hear and see in his One Man Show, one of the most amazing  the world ever has seen, his clockwork perfection is amazing and unique. With BAD LUCK MAN you have his 2nd  VOODOO RHYTHM album in your hand incl ABNER JAY’S  ‘I’m So Depressed’ in a full band version; ‘Time Has Gone’, a Delaney Davidson Classic here in a full band version with the Mojomatics backing him up; “I’ve Got The Devil Inside”  a song from REVEREND BEAT-MAN, changed into a fireside voodoo chant .. and the amazing “You’re A Loser” …  “cause you are losing me…” a ballad that makes you cry and smile as the teeth fall from your head!!!.. All at the same time.

    Now with a Band, his latest album … Swim Down Low … warmed up from touring Europe and USA.


  • 26Nov

    Wednesday 26th November: King Street Live, Masterton ... Solo.

    King Street Live, Masterton New Zealand

    “The art of listening to music with this much reverie is something we are lacking in today’s world. Without sounding too much like an old man waving his cane in anger, modern technologies have allowed the listener so much choice, so much freedom, so much control, that it has killed the beauty of savouring the unexpected moment. Access to any song by Delaney is at the tip of our fingers and we can inform our friends on our interests and likes by sending a link. But with live gigs, we share the experience. He is onstage for seventy minutes, and what more could one ask of him than to consider another visit to London before too long.

    10489968_10152644600138394_6186215917879889573_n-1But the blood is by the jukebox on an old linoleum floor

    The man is a gentleman: quiet and strong. Prior to the gig he informs that his mind is deeply embedded in the delta sounds of the outback, and a longing to engage his audience…“But the blood is by the jukebox on an old linoleum floor”. Review from London, 2014. Shindig.