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  • 05Nov

    Wednesday 5th November: The Bancroft Bar, Spring Valley, USA.

    The Bancroft Bar, Spring Valley United States

    The Bancroft opened at the site of the defunct dive Fannie’s, and the Spring Valley spot is now a punk and hardcore haven. It’s hard not to appreciate what the Bancroft has done. In a space that looks like a scene cut from Back to the Future Part III, a handful of hardcore kids have turned a foreboding Spring Valley dive into a raucous nightlife venue and all-day (6am to 2am) pub.



    “Delaney Davidson, whose looped layers of guitar and dark lyrics captivated the crowd with bone-chilling country noir.”“…his music goes beyond folk to include  an eclectic jumble of styles and sound experimentation — neo-blues, noir trash and avant-rock…”


    noir trash


    “…try imagining Bob Dylan covering the songs off of Tom Waits’ Bone Machine with Son House accompanying on bottleneck guitar. Davidson has got Dylan’s current raspy and disaffected delivery, while his subject matter is filled with “Waitsian” images of seediness and mortality.”




  • 06Nov

    Long Beach 2He lives in Lyttelton, grew up in Christchurch and his family were Huntly coalminers and teachers.

     He speaks German, confesses to his early role models in music were Lou Reed and the songs from Fiddler on the Roof, but finds it hard to connect people with three songs he’d love everyone to hear.

     “It’s hard to find the three universally relevant songs. Music is such a contextual thing and it means so many different things to different people..

     new ways for old music

    “I would hope every one would get to experience the abandoned madness of music as well as the creation of a sacred space music can make . . . and also hope they would experience the way music can bring hearts together.

  • 07Nov

    Friday 7th November: Spike's, Rosemead, CA, USA.

    Spike’s Bar & Billiards, Rosemead United States

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