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  • “Delaney Davidson, whose looped layers of guitar and dark lyrics captivated the crowd with bone-chilling country noir.”“…his music goes beyond folk to include  an eclectic jumble of styles and sound experimentation — neo-blues, noir trash and avant-rock…” neo-blues, noir trash … Continue reading

  • The master of the woozy blue moan is back, with more off-kilter tales of the broken-down and the beaten, the destitute and the desperate – all of whom, it seems, are Delaney Davidson himself.  Across ten new songs – four … Continue reading

  • DELANEY DAVIDSON … Review. Leytonstone & District Ex Servicemen’s Club, London June 25th, 2014 There’s an old English saying… “Pick up thine axe and fuckin’ get on with it”, and that’s exactly what DD, the man without fear, does tonight. … Continue reading

Upcoming gigs

  • 17Sep

    17 September: Big Tex,Decatur, GA, USA.

    Big Tex, Decatur United States


    “Davidson layers up his songs from loops of guitar chords and riffs until an impressive reverb-swamped wall of dirty sound is conjured.


    an impressive reverb-swamped wall of dirty sound


    That night at the Windmill he brought the loping waltz-from-hell “Tonight” to life with his foot-pedal wizardry, before he stepping down from the stage and coercing a woman into dancing with him. A moment later he passed her on to a guy in the audience. Within a couple of minutes there were at least half a dozen couples waltzing to the potentially eternally circling introduction of the song, including the most reluctant dancer in the world; myself (the sweet girl who got lumbered with me was kind enough to put me slightly at ease by saying how nice I smelt.) After such a discombobulating yet magical moment how could I not grab a copy of the man’s tastefully digipacked album?”




  • 18Sep

    18 September: Stillwater Taproom, Augusta, Georgia, USA.

    Stillwater Taproom, Augusta United States

    imagesNext up was the genius of Delaney Davidson. His set was a David Lynch Alt country mescaline trip through the Arizona desert. Multi-leveled sound mixing and looped recordings with a distortion mike made for a surreal voyage through Davidson’s bare and wind whipped badlands of murder and love country minus the western. His Waltz competition in the middle of his set had the room dancing with highlights being Back in Hell, Little Heart and Dirty Dozen.

     a David Lynch Alt country mescaline trip through the Arizona desert.

  • 27Sep

    27 September: White Horse Tavern, Austin, Texas, USA.

    White Horse Tavern, Austin United States

    White Horse Tavern…

    “And the music, the music…is amazing. Now I’m not a big fan of country, but they have a good mix of amazing bands that play Rockabilly, Americana Country Rock and straight country. My favorite bands are usually playing on a Wednesday, and I love that they rotate their music schedule instead of having the same band every week.”

    Delaney Davidson…

    “Davidson employs similar production techniques to Waits, scuffing up songs, smeared them in motor oil, or kicked them around the yard for a bit – presumably to try to end up with something as far removed from the context of over-compressed generic pop, rock and blues as possible. Yet these songs still brim over with a rolling, tumbling exuberance which prevents them from being merely preserved-in-aspic vehicles for nostalgia.”10489968_10152644600138394_6186215917879889573_n-1