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  • He lives in Lyttelton, grew up in Christchurch and his family were Huntly coalminers and teachers.   He speaks German, confesses to his early role models in music were Lou Reed and the songs from Fiddler on the Roof, but … Continue reading

  • I liked Delaney Davidson.

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    I liked Delaney Davidson. He is possibly one the best live performers I’ve seen in many a day. I also liked the venue. Under the pretext of translator, if needed, for a Kiwi performer with a possible whiff of Scottish … Continue reading

  • Delaney Davidson, winner of NZ Country Music Song of the Year for the last three years, New Zealand Country Music Album of the Year 2013, One Man Band Champion Zurich 2011, winner Sad Song Competition Berlin 2010, Finalist for APRA’s … Continue reading

  • “When I stumbled on one of his videos I was instantly destined to seek out more. It wasn’t the enigmatic noir footage that grabbed, but the raw, rustic music with the obscure but emotionally wrenching undercurrent. I had no idea who Delaney … Continue reading

  • Hey Hey.. Nuevo Video della pappone grande.. New Video from the Amputated Heart of Italy.. Big Ugly Fish.. first single from New Album….…/guarda-esclusiva-il-nuovo-video…/

  • Un solido quartetto.

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    Delaney Davidson si unirà al suo compare di vecchia data Pierre Omer dei Dead Brothers (alla chitarra e fisarmonica), Ben Woolley dalla Nuova Zelanda(al basso) e Davide Zolli dei mitici Mojomatics (alla batteria). Esatto, si può chiamare un “supergruppo”! Un solido quartetto con un sound … Continue reading

  •   “Writing songs and recording them that same day is a refreshing reminder that music is alive. It flows around us and if we are lucky enough and can see it or take a hold of it, it will transform … Continue reading

  • Quattro date in Italia per poi portare la sua musica in giro per l’Europa. Delaney Davidson è un personaggio che porta avanti un percorso musicale fatto di folk, rock, blues.  Dal western ai balcani, passando dal blues più scuro e intenso e atmosfere … Continue reading

  •   Posted by Bill Mankin on July 6, 2014 at 2:30pm The master of the woozy blue moan is back, with more off-kilter tales of the broken-down and the beaten, the destitute and the desperate – all of whom, it … Continue reading

  • Jesus H Christ on a dancing donkey – is Auckland always this cool? Forgive me for asking but I’m new in town; wife and I left London in June looking for inspiration and stuff. We have been through New York, … Continue reading

  • DELANEY DAVIDSON, live review.

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    DELANEY DAVIDSON Leytonstone & District Ex Servicemen’s Club, London June 25th There’s an old English saying… “Pick up thine axe and fuckin’ get on with it”, and that’s exactly what DD, the man without fear, does tonight. The choice of … Continue reading

  • DELANEY DAVIDSON & HIS FUCKIN’ BAND 10/7 Montebelluna (TV), Mattorosso – 11/7 Roma, Airport One – 12/7 La Spezia, Spazio Boss – 13/7 Osio Sopra (BG) Joe Koala Quattro date in Italia per poi portare la sua musica in giro per … Continue reading

  • Der 1972 im neuseeländischen Christchurch aufgewachsene Delaney Davidson lebte nach seinem Schulabbruch in Australien und der Schweiz, wo er sich als Drummer unserer geliebt-vermissten Dead Brothers in Szene setzte. Inzwischen hat der Mulitinstrumentalist Davidson mehrere Soloalben veröffentlicht. In einer Inszenierung … Continue reading

  • For the first time, Delaney will be teaming up with long time partner in crime Pierre Omer from Dead Brothers on guitar and accordion, Ben Woolley from New Zealand on bass and Davide Zolli from the mighty Mojomatics on drums. … Continue reading

  • bone-chilling country noir

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    “Delaney Davidson, whose looped layers of guitar and dark lyrics captivated the crowd with bone-chilling country noir.” “…his music goes beyond folk to include  an eclectic jumble of styles and sound experimentation — neo-blues, noir trash and avant-rock…” neo-blues, noir … Continue reading

  • Live in London.

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    1 JUNE 2014 BY BEA VENTURINI Roll up, roll up toDelaney Davidson’s old curiosity shop. Make way for big ugly fish, swampy rivers, bloodied stilettoes, fog, dogs, worms and old bones – it ain’t all pretty but it sure is fun. ‘Swim Down Low’ is … Continue reading