Delaney Davidson plays Guitar for Neil Finn

Neil Finn Infinity Session Week 3

The Infinity Sessions featuring Delaney Davidson

Week Three Setlist:

13:26 Last One Standing

18:15 What’s The Matter With You

25:42 Hole in the Ice

38:39  Rest of the Day Off

43:00 Weather With You

48:25 Player of the Day (SWIDT)

53:01 Loose Tongue

1:00:22 You Still Got It (new song)

1:07:07 Lara’s Theme from Dr. Zhivago

1:11:48 Serious in Love (new song)

1:16:45 Mind Over Matter

1:26:29 Shark Attack (with Jimmy Barnes via Skype)

1:29:46 I Got You

1:36:07 Chameleon Days (new song)