​Delaney Davidson – “Lucky Guy” Review 5/9/2015

Delaney Davidson’s new album, Lucky Guy, is out today! He also dropped this lovely video to go along with the song Broken Wheel. Our man, Fraser Browne, put pen to paper with his thoughts on the album. 

There’s no mistaking that whiskey voice. Calling his new album Lucky Guy, it’s clear that Delaney Davidson is once again enjoying the heady escape of writing, comfortable in his skin – and not ashamed to admit it.

Lucky Guy is a fine group of no-nonsense country rock songs that pack a bit of punch, while staying true to Delaney Davidson’s signature style. Most are short and to the point. Themes gravitate around snapshots of the travelling life of a musician (half salesman, half vagabond, somewhat cut – but fully awake), rather than the storytelling type of fare we’ve become accustomed to with Davidson.